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“The BEST, period. Well built, well designed, and maintenance free.”
Marc Campbell, A-1 Hydrant Services Ltd., Scarborough, Ontario (17 years owner of LC-1000, LC-2000, LC-2100, LD-10, and others)

“The LD-10 is the most accurate portable leak detector on the market. It is light weight, easy to manipulate and highly sensitive. I highly recommend it.”
Jesse Alba, W/WW Utility, City of Austin, Austin, Texas

“Our crew is extremely happy with the purchase of the LD-12. They like the ease of operation and the accuracy of the LD-12. We made the right choice!”
Mark A. Petrie, City of Chehalis, Chehalis, Washington

“I have used the LC-2100 going on five years. I am still amazed at how it pinpoints leaks. Whether it is a small seep or a blow out, the LC-2100 can find it!”
Jesse Banek, Greeley Water Dept., Greeley, Colorado

“We regularly use a number of the LD-7s. Our field people really like the unit’s portability, durability and effectiveness!”
Gary Williams, Florida Rural Water Assoc., Tallahassee, Florida

“The LD-12 is by far the best water leak detector we’ve had. We’ve used it side-by-side with an Aqua-Scope, and there is no comparison.”
Scott Young, Tullahoma Utilities Board, Tullahoma, Tennessee

“The LD-10 has proven to be very practical and easy to use when trying to pinpoint leaks. It saves my department tremendous time and money!!!”
Richard Clark, Halifax Water Dept., Halifax, Massachusetts

“They (the LD-7) are great! We have used them for over 10 years, and they are the only leak detectors we recommend.”
Denise Cruz, Cruz Bros. Sub-Surface Locators Inc., San Jose, California

“The LD-10 has enabled us to pinpoint leaks, saving us a great deal of labor and repair materials and lowering the expense of asphalt repairs. We also tested the new LD-12. Brian, our leak specialist, said that he really liked the LD-12’s meter needle accuracy, and the LD-12’s headphones are great.”
Joe Chessa, Orlando Utilities Commission, Orlando, Florida

“We like the ease of operation and sound quality of the LD-12 so much, we put one on every truck. This is a great product!”
Rob Meston, Utility Services Associates, Seattle, Washington

“Since purchasing the LD-10 Professional’s Water Leak Detector, KRWA’s Technical Assistants are able to hear water leaks more distinctly and are able to pinpoint leaks more accurately. This saves time and money for the systems and for the Association’s staff.”
Elmer Ronnebaum, Kansas Rural Water Assoc., Seneca, Kansas

“This product (the LC-2100 Leak Noise Correlator) is easy to operate, durable and has great customer support service. We are pleased with the results it has given us, and we look forward to the purchase of additional units in years to come.”
Jesse Alba, W/WW Utility, City of Austin, Austin, Texas

“The LD-12 Leak Detector is the most accurate pinpointing device we have ever used! (It saves road repair & time).”
Kevin J. Garretson, Clementon Water Dept., Clementon, New Jersey

“The LD-10 has proven to be indispensable on numerous occasions. It has saved us time and money when trying to pinpoint main and service leaks and checking hydrants after a flushing program.”
Greg Krom, Topsfield Water Dept., Topsfield, Massachusetts

“The LD-12 is the best leak detector I have come across in my 30 years with the water company. We are able to detect with the LD-12 a pinhole in 1" copper pipe.”
Adfer McDaniel, California American Water Co., Newbury Park, California

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“The LC-2100 is a solid, easy to use correlator, not too big or small with great customer support.”
Mike Goodfellow, New York Leak Detection, Syracuse, New York

“We purchased LD-7’s for our crew trucks a few years ago and have realized a significant time savings in the leak locating process. Having the LD-7’s on the crew trucks enables us to locate the leak without impacting the time and workload of the leak detection truck.”
David Burns, San Jose Water Company, San Jose, California

“The LD-10 is the best leak detector we have in our arsenal.”
Richard Parker, Iowa Rural Water Assoc., Newton, Iowa

“The LC-2100 Leak Noise Correlator has cut down on costly repairs and has saved me a great deal of time.”
Richard Reinfrank, Suffolk County Water Authority, Oakdale, New York

“Recently Greg Picher from Pollardwater.com performed a demonstration of the LD-12 Water Leak Detector. As a result of the demonstration, Pennsylvania American Water purchased two units. I would like to comment that the units with the multi-filters have improved our pinpointing of underground leaks. It seems that whoever designed this unit actually worked in the field performing leak detection. The units are free of static, and with the multi-filters, we are able to eliminate any surrounding interference.”
Ted Mohn, Pennsylvania-American Water Company, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

“I find the LD-10 easy to use, very functional and visual. Also, we are able to filter out unwanted noises.”
Paul Corbosiero, Town of Northboro, Northboro, Massachusetts

“The LD-12 Leak Detector is a compact & user friendly unit that meets our needs. Works great.”
Brad Ferris, Sandy Point Improvement District, Ferndale, Washington

“The Delaware Rural Water Assoc. (DRWA) has had the opportunity to use the LD-10 Professional’s Water Leak Detector over the past two years. There was one occasion that really impressed the water system personnel and me.

One afternoon, DRWA received a call from the City of Dover stating that water was seeping up from the curbing and a wet area in the middle of Route 13 on a major section of the highway. This highway consists of six inches of blacktop and eight inches of concrete, with the eight-inch cast iron main approximately thirty-six inches deep.

We arranged to meet the supervisor at 11:00p.m. that evening when there was less traffic. At 11:00p.m., we placed company vehicles blocking a section of the highway so that we could mark out the service lines and then run the main out.

After about a half hour, we took out our LD-10 and listened at the closest valves, then at the hydrant in which we got (leak sound) levels of an apparent leakage. After that, we walked the service line numerous times hearing nothing. We then focused on the main. Remembering that we had six inches of blacktop and eight inches of concrete, we knew that this was going to be a challenge. We made several passes up and down the main, marking potential areas and narrowing down on the leak. After several minutes using the (visible LED bar graph) scope on the LD-10, we established an area that we felt sure was the leak. The next day the city dug up that specific area, and we were right on top of a crack in a bell joint. The city employees were amazed at how well the LD-10 worked.

This is just one of many times that we have used the LD-10. We stand by it because it works and saves time and money.”
Richard Duncan, Delaware Rural Water Association, Harrington, Delaware

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