LD-8 Water Leak Survey Tool Operating Instructions
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The LD-8 Leak Survey Tool is a “rod-based” acoustic listening instrument for listening for water leaks at hydrants, meters, and valves:

The LD-8 includes a 4-inch short contact rod, a 4-section contact rod set (threaded connections, each rod 13 inches) and an adapter rod as standard items:

The adapter rod has female threads at both ends, and it is used for attaching the optional 40 inches Long Contact Rod or the optional 60 inches Long Contact Rod.

The stereo headphones attach to the side of the LD-8 amplifier at this connector jack:

Two AA batteries go inside the battery compartment like this:

The LD-8 amplifier display has a two-digit display of loudness, out of range indicator, and low battery indicator:

The Low Battery Indicator flickers a “battery icon” when the battery power is low and the ON/OFF Button is depressed. Replace the batteries when the icon appears.

The SENS Range Switch inside the battery compartment has 3 positions:

With the switch in the High position, the LD-8’s sensitivity is highest (for listening to small leaks). With the switch in the Low position, the LD-8’s sensitivity is lowest (for listening to loud leaks).

The Out of Range Indicator flickers a “” icon when the sound level display exceeds 99. Move the SENS Range Switch to Medium or Low to re-scale the two-digit display to a lower range. Each SENS Range Switch position is 10X higher or lower in sensitivity then the adjacent position.

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